Presage of Downfall Chapter 2 – 1

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Alistair Karume moved quickly after coming out of Ting Shark’s office and bid Mugo goodbye. He also took the letter he was to take to Mugo’s wife and tucked it safely in his back pocket. He stood at a junction unable to decide which route to follow.

There was this murram road that went to the town. If he followed it then, it would take him two villages away from his village. Thus, it would be a long and tiring journey. The other was just a mere path that passed through the Witeithie forest.

Witeithie Forest

It was Not all That Safe in The Forest

It was not all that safe in the forest since there were several marauding animals in it. The advantage of using it was that it would directly land him in his village. He opted for the latter irrespective of the dangers it posed.

The quarries had fallen far behind him, as he made big strides towards the dense forest. Notwithstanding the unreliable rainfall in the area, the forest was healthy perhaps because several streams were passing through it.

Karume had no luggage on himself, so he felt light, which meant he would be able to walk faster. He had dark kinky hair that he hadn’t bothered to comb. He wore a black, short-sleeved t-shirt that was partly covered by the heavy jacket he wore. The trouser was faded denim jeans that were torn on the knees.

His face was thin but the features of youth like the strong jawline were still present. The tall man walked throwing his legs quite carelessly and his hands swaying. At first, it looked as if he was the only living creature in the dense forest. Well, as he moved on, foolproof evidence that there were other creatures – big and energetic – showed up. Big tree branches looked badly mangled and animal waste was scattered all over.

Inside the Forest

Songbirds adorned the evening air with their daily melodious tunes, which not many human beings stopped to appreciate. Sometimes the path narrowed dangerously to the point of extinction. Karume did not lose courage. He trekked on high alert for the slightest indication of danger. In some places, huge tree branches infested with caterpillars hung dangerously low posing a threat to his height. He bent where necessary.

A Strange Noise

Suddenly he heard it; a strange noise coming from ahead of him. He stopped to listen readily to flee in case of danger. The voice was very distinct now, caterwaul! Caterwaul! Caterwaul! Karume laughed loudly as he recognized the sound. It was the howling cry of a tomcat searching for anything to eat, or perhaps a mate. When he came close to it, it stopped howling and looked at him. At the same instant when Karume saw it, he broke his continuous steps. It was a big black one with sharp eyes.

“Bad omen,” he muttered to himself and continued walking.

Sometimes when one was lucky, one would hitch a lift from Ting Shark’s lorries, but not his car. This only happened when the lorries were taking building materials to the town. He came to a glade where the trees were scattered.

A Caterpillar

Some powerful, money-hungry individuals had decided to cut down the indigenous trees for timber irrespective of the side effects to the environment. Here he felt a bit safe since he could see all around. However, this was an unwise assumption. In Africa danger lurks at every corner and death is a companion of the oppressed Africans.

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How to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate for Foreigners

The police clearance certificate is also known as certificate of good conduct. This article will help you apply for police clearance certificate for foreigners.

This is a document issued by the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) indicating if one has a criminal record.

Apply for Police Clearance Certificate for Foreigners

This process is almost similar to Police Clearance Certificate Application for Kenyan Citizens.

There are several instances you will require this police clearance certificate. Upon completing application and printing the necessary forms, present yourself to DCI headquarters so that your fingerprints can be taken.

The validity of a good conduct is usually one year. However, there are those who will ask for one that is less than six months old.

Requirements for Getting a Police Clearance Certificate for Foreigners in Kenya

  • An eCitizen account since the application is done online.
  • Your foreigner identification document (Alien ID) and a copy of the same.
  • A scan of your passport bio-data page.
  • Scanned Original Work Permit.
  • A scan of Endorsement of Work Permit.
  • Around Kenya Shillings 1,100 on your Mpesa. The official fee is Kenya Shillings 1,050, the rest will cater for the transaction charges.

How to Apply for Foreigner’s Police Clearance Certificate in Kenya

1. Log into your eCitizen account. If you do not have one, learn how to create an eCitizen Account here. You cannot use someone’s account to apply.

Police Clearance Certificate for Foreigners

2. Look for Directorate of Criminal Investigations options and click on get service.

3. Below recent applications, click on ‘Make Application’ option.

4. Click on Police Clearance Certificate to start the application process.

5. Select the country you are applying from and your duration of stay. This must be over six months to qualify to apply for police clearance certificate.

6. Select your nationality and provide your passport number.

7. Provide your immigration status which is either work permit, dependent, student, diplomat or permanent resident.

8. In the next stage, select the area and location where your fingerprints will be taken.

9. Upload your Original Work Permit, Passport Bio-Data Page, and Endorsement of Work Permit.

10. Review your entry and submit to finish.

11. Wait for the authorities to confirm your application.

12. After confirmation, make payment via any of the provided methods.

13. Print the invoice and C24 form. Access the C24 form from the downloads section on the top right hand side of the application page.

During the Submission You Need the Following:

  • Download 2 copies of the invoice and 1 copy of the C24 printed on both sides of an A4 paper.
  • Applicant in Person.
  • Original ID card and its Photocopy
  • Must allow his/her fingerprints and palm prints to be recorded on a prescribed fingerprint form C24.
  • Visit the station you selected during application.

How to Print Your Good Conduct

After applying and finger printing process, it will take about a week or so for the document to be ready. Once ready it is available on eCitizen portal. Log into your account and select the get service option on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations section.

Under ‘my applications’, click on ‘view’ next to the most recent application. On the right hand side locate downloads option and click on Police Clearance Certificate. Click on print services to download and print the good conduct.

How to Renew Your Foreigner Good Conduct

At the moment, the renewal process of Good Conduct is the same as applying for a new one. You will follow all the above procedure including finger prints being taken afresh.

How Data Analytics Can Help to Accelerate Growth Within Your Business

Without the proper data analysis, a business will not have access to invaluable information to make the best decisions for future growth, hence why data analytics is vital to a business’s success.

Here’s how data analytics can help elevate the different business processes for the better.

Data Analytics

Customer Acquisition and Retention

If you want to know how to better serve your clients (and outwit your competition in the process), data analytics can help you pinpoint your ideal customer and how to reach them best.

Data Analytics Helps in Customer Acquisition

Moreover, customer acquisition can form a vital part of your marketing campaign because it’ll provide you with the insights you need to be able to target the right customers appropriately, i.e.,

  • Based on their demographics,
  • Their purchasing patterns
  • How they have interacted with your brand either on social media or on your website,
  • What their level of satisfaction is with your brand.

Once you have identified your ideal target market and perfected your marketing plan with this information in mind, the next step is figuring out how to retain your existing customers so that you don’t have to start the customer acquisition process again.

Consequently, data analytics can help predict when customers are likely to churn so that a business can rectify its marketing strategy in time.

Indeed, being able to interpret the information from customer acquisition analytics can be complex and certainly requires a specialized skill set to be able to understand and apply these results correctly.

Therefore, if you aren’t feeling quite as confident as you ought to be regarding technology, then you could opt to further your education in Information Technology by taking the appropriate degree online to help you better understand the ins and outs of data analytics.

Data Analytics as Part of Risk Management

Proper risk management is another area in which data analytics can assist in helping to avoid the risks associated with cyber threats that are increasingly prevalent nowadays.

Risk Management

In addition, risk management is vital to address other risks such as economic downturns and even natural disasters. Data analytics, therefore, provides you with the time needed to formulate a proper risk management strategy so that your business is prepared for when disaster strikes.

Inventory Management

Data analytics can also assist with inventory management, thereby ensuring that your business is adequately stocked at all times.

Moreover, it entails using data to establish minimum stock levels so that your company does not lose out on sales due to being out of stock.

Inventory Management

You can also use data analytics to solve challenges associated with reducing the likelihood of stock becoming obsolete and addressing stock recalls or defective inventory so that it doesn’t affect your bottom line. Furthermore, you can optimize the reallocation of stock according to demand.

Product Innovation

Of course, if you want your business to stay relevant and competitive in the market, you need to be continuously looking at ways to up your game.

Because you have access to what customers are really looking for or what they’re not happy with, you can then adapt your offering to cater to their needs better.

Also, you’ll have the upper hand regarding where current trends are and where they’re heading. This enables you to stay abreast of the competition.

Data Analytics Leads to Business Growth

Workplace Productivity

Data analytics can also boost workplace productivity by highlighting areas that need improvement as far as your employees are concerned. For example;

  • Data may indicate certain areas where further training or upskilling is required,
  • How processes and systems can be streamlined, and,
  • How to enhance staff satisfaction, morale, and company culture for the better.
Work Productivity

Summing it Up on Importance of Data Analytics

Data analytics is a beneficial tool in determining areas you can improve upon and where best to focus your attention. This is as opposed to just basing important decisions on unfounded hypotheses that can ultimately lead you in the wrong direction.

If data analytics has got you interested in what the power of information can do for your business, visit Winstar Technologies. We help answer questions you’ve been searching the internet for about topics like these (and more!).

How to Replace Lost KCPE or KCSE Certificate

This is a quick guide on how to replace lost KCPE or KCSE Certificate. The Kenya National Examinations Council has various platforms for customer use in accessing services. One such platform or portal is the Query Management Information System (QMIS).

replace lost kcpe kcse certificate

This is an electronic platform for online submission and processing of queries related to examination results such as Certification of Examination Results for candidates who lost their certificates, Confirmation of Examination Results and Equation of Foreign Qualifications.

Customers should use the credible address of Qmis via while seeking KNEC online services to avoid falling victim to cyber fraudsters purporting to offer KNEC services.

Customers should visit the KNEC website ( in order to access their portals and guidelines on how to apply for various services and products.

Other Queries Handled by The QMIS System Include: –

  • Bio data amendments (name, photo, gender, year of birth, birth certificate number, citizenship, entry code.
  • Direct Recoveries for KCPE/KCSE result slips, certificates and result printout.
  • Results (marks) queries i.e. absenteeism, missing marks and payment queries.

How to Create a QMIS Account and Replace Lost KCPE or KCSE Certificate

1. You will require a computer or a mobile phone with internet access.

Lost Certificate

2. On your browser key in the following web address; to access the QMIS system.

3. Click on register button to create an account however if you already have an account, proceed to log in.

4. Fill in the following required information; Full Names, Mobile Number, Postal Address, Title or Designation, and a working Email Address. Click register button. This action sends a confirmation link to your email.

5. Open your email and check for an email from QMIS with your email and password that you will use for logging in.

6. Log into your account and click on lost certificates link.

7. Fill in all the required information and upload scanned copies of the requisite documents.

8. They then make a payment of the amount as prompted by the system. Payments are made by M-pesa. Upon successful processing of the query, KNEC, will notify you to collect your processed document(s).

During the time of collection, you must avail original copies of the documents you attached during the application process.

Checking the status of lost certificate

Required Documents When Replacing Lost KCPE or KCSE Certificate

  • Copy of Certificate or Result Slip.
  • Police abstract showing report of the loss of the certificate.
  • Copy of Identification Document or Passport or Birth certificate for minors under the age of 18 with a copy of the Identification Card of at least one parent or guardian.
  • A confirmation from the registrar of persons on the identity of the applicant. (Submitted at the point of application).
  • One colored passport photo.
  • Your index number and the year you sat for the said exam.
  • A sworn affidavit.